Somewhere it all went wrong

19 09 2007


Some more chalkwork from the artist of this.



15 09 2007


I really dig it when graffiti artists do something besides writing their name all fancy like.

Who Made You God?!

25 12 2006

Who made you God?

Maybe it’s a horse?

7 12 2006

 A Horse?

Or a dog? Mario’s friend Yoshi?

Plate C

6 12 2006

Plate C


5 12 2006


I guess I should have posted this before the elections and whatnot. I’m a little behind on my digital photo sorting. I found this on the way to work a month or so ago.

Eye Poke

26 11 2006

Me working on this picture of the infamous eyepokery of Lucio Fulci’s Zombie.

Eye Poke