The Painting of Freddy Krueger

26 11 2006

A behind the scenes kinda look at the making of this picture.

Freddy Paint

Freddy Paint 2

Freddy Paint 3

Freddy Paint 4


Mysterio & Rev. Josh Loves k.t.

26 10 2006

 mysterio & rev. josh loves k.t.

I went back to the place I drew this on a wall (original post here) and it hasn’t been painted over yet even though all of the older tags and graffiti have.

Cool Guy

14 09 2006

Cool Guy

Hey! What are you drawing over there?

6 09 2006


Mysterio Loves You

21 08 2006

Mysterio Loves You

Every Monday I do a picture of the Spider-Man supervillain Mysterio over on my artblog. I was walking around and saw that a sticker I put up on the back of a sign in March is still up. It’s a little worn, but still there.