Lost Jeans

5 09 2007

lost jeans

I’m not too sure what it is with people leaving their clothes all over the damn place, but it’s plenty weird.



26 03 2007

For about a month or so these two homeless guys lived under this overpass I passed everyday on the way to work. And then they were gone. I got some pictures:

They had a broom. Strange. It looks like they never used it.

underpass broom


Poor guys forgot their Tracy Chapman cassette. I would have grabbed it, but I have it already. Or not.

tracy chapman

Body + Soul Disc II. Disc II? I wish I knew what was on this. The bottom was all scratched to shit. Where the heck do the homeless get CDrs?

body + soul Disc II

I’m almost certain these cats wouldn’t be homeless at all if they’d recycle.

natural ice & pants

beer boxes


Broken Chair

8 10 2006

Broken Chair

Take Me Out To The Ballgame Again

5 10 2006

Take Me Out To The Ballgame Again

So another gross ballpark sex moment. Damned kids. This was under the bleachers at the local little league park. So gross. Not as gross as this picture, though.

Natural Ice & The Last Juror

5 10 2006

Natural Ice & The Last Juror

Two great tastes that taste great together. Gross-ass beer and John Grisham.


4 10 2006


Meister Brau

28 09 2006

Meister Brau

Meister Brau? This is a real brand of beer? That sounds like some made-up cartoon shit. Weird.